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If you looking at a site and are not sure if it meets the standard codes for the development you wish to do, then we can do an initial assessment to see if you are on the right track. Just email us the address and what development you are wishing to do to assessments@protownplanners.com.au and you should get a reply within 4 working days. BE AWARE - this assessment only looks at the zoning, lot size and frontages to see if you are looking at a potential development property. We do not research the applicable codes in detail or look at neighbourhood plans, overlays or constraints, all of which can prevent a successful development application. If our initial assessment comes back favourably, then we strongly suggest you get our Full Site Assessment, which starts at $220.00.


Are you finding good sites and then find out they are sold before you can ascertain if they are able to be developed? Then our Priority Initial Assessment Reports are for you. We will answer up to 5 initial assessments of different sites. Most of these enquiries will receive a reply back within 2 hours (as soon as we see the email we reply) and no reply should be any longer than 1 day (on working days). The initial assessments will include - Subdivision - whether the site meets the minimum size and frontage requirements as per the standard codes for that zoning and whether there are any overlays that may cause problems with this site. The assessment will not go into details of the overlays, but will summarise what problems may arise. Units - Whether the site meets the minimum size and frontage requirements, as per the standard codes for that zoning. You will be told how many units/square metres can be allocated to the construction of units on that site and whether there are any overlays that may cause problems with this site. The assessment will not go into details of the overlays, but will summarise what problems may arise. This fee will include any other basic questions concerning this site for a development purpose. This fee does not include a detailed assessment of the site. If a detailed assessment of a site is required, then this will cost an additional minimum $220.00 for each report.


Our site assessments start at $220.00. This site assessment will include assessing the zoning, constraints and overlays of the site. We also look at sewerage and stormwater concerns. If the development is for units, then we detail the requirements for a successful application, such as parking requirements, Private Open Space, Setbacks etc. Tell us what development you are wanting to do and we will send you an email report explaining how each of the overlays/constraints relate to your development requirements and a summary of what main codes need to be addressed for a successful application. This report will be sent within 2 to 4 working days of proof of your payment or it is free. In a hurry, then you can order our Quick Hit Assessment which will be sent within 2 working days from proof of payment. Our Quick Hit Assessment starts from $275.00. For more information or to order an assessment, please contact us on assessments@protownplanners.com.au or phone 0427 561 663. These assessments are for standard small subdivisions or units in basic zones.

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We are often on site conducting Brisbane Town Planning Assessments. However, one of our outstanding secretaries will be there during business hours. If it is urgent and after hours, then please leave a message. Our system emails this to the duty planner's phone. Our phone number is 3399 4969.

Brisbane Town Planning Information

We are Town Planners in Brisbane and are real people with real site experience. Dealing with people who have actually completed their own developments, sourced their own sites and even been the principle contractor on site running the day to day building, means that we have been where you are. Our Brisbane town planners have planning or planning law qualifications and also have the on site first hand experience, utilising the Brisbane town planning process to maximise the return on their investments, things that can't be learnt through university alone. Having run sites and completed numerous development projects means that we have over a decade of experience, talking and dealing with everyone from tradies to councillors. Real people you can talk to with real experience.

Our Town Planning Company

Our staff include some of the most experienced planners in the state. We are regularly doing articles for newspapers and investment magazines. One of our planners gained their Bachelor of Built Environment in 1999 and has been gaining Brisbane town planning approvals ever since. Another planner has been involved in the building industry since 2000, has completed numerous developments, ran building sites and been completeing Brisbane town planning approvals for a decade. We also have some great junior and cadet planners that are not only keen and learning the ropes, they help keep our prices down. These Brisbane town planners are happy to meet you on site, or even your local cafe or you can also send things to us at PO Box 3155 Norman Park Q 4170.

Brisbane Town Planning Clients

Having been in the building and development industry for over a decade in inner Brisbane, we know a lot of tradies and they make up a large part of our Brisbane Town Planning Business. But as Brisbane Town Planners we also deal with people who have never had a thing to do with Brisbane Town Planning approvals or issues. Not to mention some serious developers who seem like they own half the suburb. What all these people have in common, is they want their Brisbane Town Planning approvals without the hassle and stress that accompanies the process. That's where PRO Town Planners Brisbane come in, we handle it all from go to whoa and leave you to get on with your job, your life and everything else you've got going on.

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Client Testimonials

    • "Easy and Stress Free..."
    • I had no idea about approvals or planning, I just knew I need some to renovate my house. The guys at PRO are normal people who spoke to me in plain english. They handled the whole thing and it was just so easy and stress free.
    • Simon - Norman Park
    • "Understands What it's Like on the Tools..."
    • The other Town Planners I've worked with have never swung a hammer in their life. It makes such a difference dealing with someone who you can understand when they talk to you, but also understands what it's like on the tools and that time is money. I use PRO for all my jobs and tell my clients to use them too..
    • by Phil the Builder- Brisbane
    • "Absolute Lifesavers..."
    • We didn't know that our business was a special use in an industrial area until we received a letter from the council saying we had 30 days to close our doors. Without the income from the business we wouldn't have been able to to pay the rent. We were devastated and thought that we were going to lose our business and all the money and hard work we had put into it. The guys at PRO negotiated with the council to allow us to keep trading while they submitted our approvals, organised the reports, got the approvals and even negotiated for us to pay off the infrastructure charges. They are absolute lifesavers
    • Dan & Ryan - Gold Coast