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Client Testimonials

    • "Easy and Stress Free..."
    • I had no idea about approvals or planning, I just knew I need some to renovate my house. The guys at PRO are normal people who spoke to me in plain english. They handled the whole thing and it was just so easy and stress free.
    • Simon - Brisbane
    • "Understands What it's Like on the Tools..."
    • The other Town Planners I've worked with have never swung a hammer in their life. It makes such a difference dealing with someone who you can understand when they talk to you, but also understands what it's like on the tools and that time is money. I use PRO for all my jobs and tell my clients to use them too..
    • by Phil the Builder- Brisbane
    • "Absolute Lifesavers..."
    • We didn't know that our business was a special use in an industrial area until we recieved a letter from the council saying we had 30 days to close our doors. Without the income from the business we wouldn't have been able to to pay the rent. We were devasted and thought that we were going to lose our business and all the money and hard work we had put into it. The guys at PRO negotiated with the council to allow us to keep trading while they submitted our approvals, organised the reports, got the approvals and even negotiated for us to pay off the infrastructure charges. They are absolute lifesavers
    • Dan & Ryan - Gold Coast